New Corporate Design

COMED proudly presents the new COMED corporate design including the new homepage.

The development of the corporate design not only reflects a visual change, but also marks an important step towards modernization and contemporary corporate representation.

The new COMED logo is characterized by conciseness and dynamism. The main colors, dark blue on light backgrounds or light silver blue on dark backgrounds, give the appearance a modern aesthetic. The logo includes the open COMED-M, which symbolizes the company's firm position in the market and at the same time represents openness to new challenges.
Another outstanding element of the new design is the Vitruvian man in the closed O, which emphasizes COMED's affiliation to the healthcare sector. This representation emphasizes the company's deep understanding of its customers' needs and the provision of innovative solutions.

The slanted letters in each of the three global COMED locations represent the architecture of the COMED headquarters in Soest and complete the overall image. It conveys the message that COMED is not only an established company, but also open to change and the needs of its customers.

The COMED team is convinced that our new corporate design not only strengthens the external appearance of the company, but also successfully reflects the values and modern orientation of COMED.
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