RMS® - Reagent Management System

Laboratory materials management
COMED Reagent Management System - RMS®
offers all the functions of a materials management system - tailor-made for everyday laboratory work.

3 simple steps:
Ordering - booking in - booking out enable digitized, fully automated, Rili-BÄK-compliant batch documentation.

RMS® is an open system for all articles from all suppliers. At the same time, RMS® fulfills the quality requirements of DAkkS accreditation in accordance with DIN EN ISO 15189 thanks to its seamless process documentation.

RMS® - The industry standard

Laboratory materials management
  • Established laboratories and laboratory groups
  • University hospitals
  • Clinic laboratories
  • Ambulance service
RMS ® is used in more than 100 laboratories in Germany
Tailored to everyday laboratory work
A central system for controlling and monitoring laboratory medical workflows - from ordering to consumption. The intuitive use of the web interface with the latest generation of real-time scanner systems leads to lean and efficient processes in all laboratory departments. The establishment of B2B interfaces to the diagnostics industry for the integration of electronic delivery bills including batch and expiry dates leads to a reduction in wastage, optimized inventory management and maximum quality assurance.

Control your laboratory with modern COMED software and save time and money.
Materials management
Digital ordering in a central, user-friendly web interface enables optimized order proposals through to fully automated repeat orders.
Batch management
Elimination of pen and paper: digitization and seamless integration of laboratory medical workflows. Ensuring the laboratory's QM processes through complete batch documentation in accordance with Rili-BÄK and DAkkS requirements.
An open interface concept enables seamless integration into leading systems and the linking of all common ERP, LIS and financial accounting solutions.
Vision app
The scanner-based COMED Vision App assists with goods receipt, goods withdrawal and reordering, thus enabling continuous, seamless inventory management.
The Vision App interprets and processes all article barcodes from all manufacturers - including batch and expiry dates.
e-commerce industry standard
B2B online interfaces to over 100 (diagnostics) suppliers for the exchange of electronic orders and electronic delivery bills including batch and expiry dates directly in RMS®.

RMS® Modules

Gamechanging laboratory IT
Batch management
Inventory management
Central warehouse
Invoicing and dunning
Sender Logistics
Contract management
Integration with ERP, Fibu, LIS, DMS, BI, etc.
E-commerce integration
Vision App & Scanner
Supplier evaluation
Laboratory-specific controlling
Batch release Rili-BÄK B3
Price-per-findings administration
and much more
Excerpt from the core functions

Batch management

Quality management
Perfect for covering QM activities in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, DIN EN ISO 15189 and Rili-BÄK (including B3)
Inventory management
Inventory management according to FEFO and daily updated, optimized stock levels without printing and sticking barcodes with COMED Vision App
Batch documentation
Digital batch documentation and complete batch traceability of all reagents and laboratory materials used, additional release of culture media or other reagents
Time and cost minimization
Reduction of batch expiry through system messages (expiry dates) and cost reduction by minimizing non-technical tasks in the laboratory
Paperless, standardized and centralized batch documentation (elimination of manual payroll journals)

Controlling & data management

Cost unit accounting
Unit cost and contribution margin calculation as well as price-per-finding - Contract notification to the industry, analysis and calculation
Efficiency Rate
RMS®-Efficiency Rate: Benchmark of costs per test and real consumption (per pack, kit, batch, etc.)
Contract management
Efficient management of different contract types: mapping of all contract types (purchase, rental, price-per-request, leasing, recurring service, service, etc.), evaluations of contract types (e.g. forecast, consumption), contract alarms for compliance with negotiation and termination deadlines
Incoming invoices: Automatic purchase price maintenance and average purchase price calculation
Outgoing invoices: Outgoing and collective invoice creation incl. internal billing
Recurring posting templates for automated three-way match
Integrated reporting and controlling functions incl. analysis cubes, dashboards and order cockpits

Good to know

Benefit for our customers
Digitization with Comed RMS®
Automatic algorithms make it possible to check the shelf life of the item or a successful batch inspection/release. This reduces expiry and cuts costs. Notifications when minimum stock levels are reached and automatic reordering via the Vision app are included as standard.

Success factors

Why RMS®
Sustainable success for your laboratory


RMS® fully meets the specifications in the standard version including configurability in a global version


Modern, comprehensive and easy-to-use reagent management system for the medical laboratory


Batch management, documentation and assurance of the laboratory's QM processes through complete logging

COMED Vision App

COMED Vision App is the first native
laboratory app for all core processes

Digitization / E-Commerce

Electronic connection of suppliers creates an efficient & modern working environment in every location

Interface integrations

RMS® interacts with leading systems (including ERP, Fibu, LIS and DMS systems) via native interfaces such as APIs, web services, XML, HL7 and FHIR

and much more

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